I have been playing for awhile now, I started out playing acoustic. I then switched to electric and started playing alittle lead. To be very honest, my solos just suck. I can improvise with pentatonics, major and minor. I just can't get a good sound. Any help please?
listen to some of your favorite artists, and imitate them.
you learn by imitation. EVH sat there and played along with whatever was on the radio.
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Not much to do really... Learn other people's solo to get some ideas, and figure out some licks. Doodle around (use a backing track, really helps) and learn from there.
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Drum machine, do some riffs and and stuff on them, place riff(s) on repeat, solo over key, solo until something sounds good.

if you dont want to buy all that stuff though put on a cd loud enough to hear the drums but not loud enough to where you hear the solo over YOUR guitar, and jam along improvise in the same key...see what fits...see what doesnt...
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