I need a cheap recording interface for recording my guitar and overdubbing. I only need one-two inputs, and I would like it to have software included. I would wanna mic my guitar, so advise on mics would be nice too!!
EDIT: cheap is like $150 and under
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how cheap is cheap? for £130 u can get a lexicon omega and that comes with cubase LE and is a good wee bit of kit. as for micing a guitar, im goin to asume u mean putting a mic on a guitar cab, in that case then SM57 all the way
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For that kind of price, you'll struggle to get anything of any real quality, if you're wanting to mic up your amp. You could try the M-Audio fast trakc interface, which is just under $100, and the Shure PG57 mic, which is around $50-60.

Of course, you'll also need a cable and stand, which will boost the price up.
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