Hey guys!

I just got my first guitar today, I traded in my old drums for one because I've been wanting to learn forever.

My question is, what are some easy, fun tabs to play for someone who hasn't played much guitar? I can read tabs and know how they work and all that, so I'm just looking for some songs you guys would suggest.

Iron man, Sweet Dreams by Manson and some punk

Strat rip off
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Crazy Train. Not as hard as everyone thinks. At least learn the intro!
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Even though I didn't approve of you or anyone else trading in your drums (I'm very passionite about drumming) I'd recommend just working on technique, scales, stuff like that right now personally. I also recommend the tabs found here if you really wanted to jump right in.
try some wonderwall , or some AC/DC
if you are really a new player
Try some DragonForce
Its real easy
Stranger Danger ! What? Huh? Do i Know you? I Don't Talk To Strangers.
back in black-ac dc
black dog-led zepp
rock n roll all nite-kiss
over the mountain-ozzy
purple haze-hendrix
sweet home alabama-skynyrd
youth gone wild-skid row
runnin with the devil-van halen
wildside-motley crue
those are some ez ones everyone will know
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Unholy Confessions-Avenged Sevenfold.

My first full song

Although my first couple of real things I learned were solos from Smells Like Teen Spirit, Tangerine, and Heart Full of Soul. All of them includes bending notes which is fun and you'll need it for Unholy Confessions as well (at least the outro)
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In Bloom - Nirvana

Solo is a little hard to find a good tab for tho.
smell like a teen spirit - nirvana
nothing else matters - metallica
wasting love - iron maiden
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Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Highway to Hell - AC DC

There my suggestions but there is a thread somewhere for this so give it a read and go nuts.
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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Boring As Hell Tho), If You Want Something Fun To Play Thats Easy, Try The Bohemian Rhapsody Solo! Sounds Hard But Its Simple
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Pokemon Theme song. Sing along if you can. Points if you have a small dog and paint it yellow and give it red cheeks.
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pretty much any nirvana song is easy.
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