I'm extremely new to playing guitar... trying to figure out how to play THIS SONG but it doesn't seem to be working so well... for one I'm not completely sure I'm reading the chords right because it's physically impossible for my fingers to reach like that.

Am I reading it wrong, or do I just need to learn how to stretch my fingers better? Is there any suggestions on how to place my fingers and stretch them better?

So far even when strategically placed I end up accidently slightly touching the wrong string and it sounds like crap.
you just need to 'barre' the entire fret of the bass note and then it should be easier.
i think thats what you mean by "it's physically impossible for my fingers to reach like that"
try reading this, it may help.
good luck.
Edit: this will help also if your still at a loss after the 1st lesson i gave

also, since your very new at guitar dont be affraid of the 'lessons' section of the site, it has some invaluable information that really helped me when i first started and still comes in handy 4 years later.
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Bbm is that the one giving you a prob?

If you are really new to guitar it is probably that your fingers are not used to bar chords. It took me a while to get the strength to do them, even some can be tricky still.

I would say keep at it and learn how to play some easier chords first.