Hey guys, I'm getting a OFR off ebay for my frankenstrat project (it's in the mail) Problem is it doesnt come with the locking nut. I need to rout the body...(didnt think of it before I painted it... oh well) But the neck I bought is routed. Now it is routed but there are no holes for the locking nuts. So i'm turning to ebay to buy a locking nut and there seem to be different screw sizes a.k.a R2,R3, or R4 sizes, Now im thinking size doesnt matter because the neck is routed but not drilled. A little help here?
If the neck isn't drilled, it shouldn't be a problem as long as it fits the nut.

As for the body, jus outline the areato be routed with masking tape to prevent tear-out. That should help save the finish.