I made these pictures for my band and i need an opinion if they are any good.

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pretty rad, is the difficulty to read the writing correlate with the heaviness of the band?

We are deathmetal / grindmetal with melody.


EDIT: I should also add i drew the letters myself on windows paint and used contrast / brightnes and saturation tools plus windows paint to work with the pictures i took.
The only one i didnt take was the castle one which came out the worst either way
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it looks cool but not legible at all. seriously, i had no idea what that said until i noticed you spelled it out in regular letters in the one pic.
First two are good.

Rest are meh.

Last one is bad.

Really though, new font for the band name imo. Can't read it at all. Looks more like some sort of messed up design then a name.
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dude how did you make that font? i want something like that it's awesome
My favorite band is Tool.

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