After reading the Guitar Center stories thread in the Pit. I really thought about how people got to know the gear they are looking for and all that. So this is a guitar basic question. How did you guys learn the names of all the guitars and know how they sound looking at them and all that fun stuff. Thanks!
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the internet is a beautiful thing
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I study different types of woods and how they affect tone. Also pickups, also the guitar companies have a particular sound in their guitars that differ from another companies if they were build another guitar with the exact same specifications.
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I just think I don't know enough. I mean I know like Gibson is for hard rock and Fenders are more clean and Ibanez is metal and stuff. But when I walk into a guitar store and say I wanted to buy a new guitar, I just don't ever know what to tell people I need. It's weird.
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Being poor, I spend a lot of time just looking at gear I'd like to purchase. Literally, I used to spend hours at a time just staring at a catalog. I also learned a lot about gear from my friends, comparing my own theirs, etc. =p

I recommend that you watch some of the gear reviews on youtube, but look out for the bad quality videos, as the audio quality may not be representative of the actual thing.
yeah its something that moslty just comes with time if im hearing your question right. You can know how a guitar generally sounds by knowing the wood its made by, for example teles, strats are made of alder usually which provides a brighter, twangier tone vs les paul and sg's which provide a deeper, warmer tone. and I dont even remember how I learned the names of all these different guitars, its prob just when I was looking for a guitar I went on a crapload of sites and researched into many differnt companies
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u just learn what is good and what;s not after a while at looking for things u "think" u need or want
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I know that if I had to buy another "first guitar", I wish I would have looked at some models with a coil-split option.

I love my Peavey HP Signature and it's humbuckers (first guitar) to be sure but sometimes wish I could get a twangy Fenderish sound more than it can attain. What I am trying to say is, until you know what tone you want, either research more or get the most versatile guitar your budget will afford you.

Just a thought.

i thank UG, guitar world, and the internet, basically

but I don't think I could walk into a shop and tell someone what I wanted, I don't trust anyone but me as far as guitars

I spent a lot of time picking out the last guitar I bought (ibanez rg3ex1) I must have played close to two dozen guitars, and I definitely don't regret.

Its just something you pickup or research I suppose.
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thats a good question,i kinda just picked up

Same Here... also just by being a guitar nerd and looking these things up beacuse i get bored! Lol
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UG reviews, Guitar magazines, playing them, internet.

I hate going to most guitar stores though, they always try to sell you something you don't want rather than listening to needs (in my experience). It is a rare occasion when there is a friendly worker that will just help you rather than choosing for you or telling you what you "need".
Yeah, alot of you guys are right... just play all the different types of guitar... and dude, Gibson isn't for rock and Fender clean and Ibanez metal... Slipknot's guitarist uses Fender guitars, Gibson pretty much invented metal, I mean, the guitar isn't what makes the music, you do... right?

Anyway, get a musicians friend, or sweetwater, or something like that catalogue, and then just look at it alot, and then figure out which ones you like, and go play them at guitar center, eventually if you have a good memory and you listen alot you'll get it.

google, and these forums.
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you can always look at guitar books and magazine when i first got into guitars i would just look at guitar picture books at borders.

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