Hey, I recorded a small youtube vid for people to kind of get an idea of what it sounds like. As usual, the webcam I used raped most of the sound quality, but maybe you can get an idea of it's sound

I used my EQ settings (not Van Halen's!) on the third channel with the gain at about 3:00

Gimme your feedback!

The amp sounds great (taking into account crappy youtube sound quality) and... that's all I'm going to say.
I have been looking into this amp, as it is probably what I am going to get when I have the $$$$
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Thanks for the comments! And yea T!AN, my webcam does NOT capture bass, and + youtube is a bad combo...
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(taking into account crappy youtube sound quality)
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It's a nice amp.
Super versatile too. But, I would have NEVER used the higher gain stuff.
My amps needed the best cleans possible, with good lower gain OD.
The EVH had good cleans and great low gain OD, but I just wanted something a bit more focused towards my tonal tastes.
Other than that, I probably would have walked out of the store with one if I needed all that versatility/I had the cash.
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