I've been having this problem with my guitar when i bend the 9th fret on the high E string, the note stops because something is muting it. It is really hard to explain the problem because it's weird. All the other notes are fine except the 9th fret on the High E String.

Anyone know how to fix this? I'll try to post a video since it's hard to explain, but i gotta find a camera first.
Is the string hitting part of a fret that is raised up? That seems like the logical problem but its prob more complicated than that.
Have a small file or mark in the fret?
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Quote by Kidfadetoblack
what do u mean file?

I would think he is meaning that on the fret that is muting the string you will see a mark from the string rubbing on that part of fret....

I also have this issue, but its more prominent for me on the 15th fret when I do full bends

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