so the carvin legacy i can no longer get until another pops up on ebay so ive scrathced that idea.

my most desired tone is that of Vai/Beckers wen they were with David Lee Roth and Becker/Friedman wen they were with cacophony.

so far my ideas are the (all are gonna be half stacks)

1. Carvin X100B (old and cheap gonna have to fix it up and use decent amount of pedals)

2. Carvin Legacy (if i could find one ill buy it)

3. Peavy Valveking (heard great things about it and its versatility)

4. Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb (just to damm expensive, but i would buy one if i could find one cheap)

i need suggestions on wat amps to look at and thoughts on the ones i have listed.

my budget is 1000 but ill spend a extra few bucks if necessary.
yea im not spending 1600 on a half stack wen i can wait it out and buy it off ebay. only problem is the one i was watching someone "bought it now" im soo pissed. i wantd that amp so bad
anyones suggestions? would the 5150 or the 6505 be something to think about. any cheap meas i should check out?