alright, so i've got a MAG300 1x15 combo, and it's served me very well for the last year. but today it stopped making sound. the VU meter is still showing input, so it's not the bass. i also hooked up a 2x10 cab (to each of the speaker outputs), and got sound out of that fine, so there's something wrong with the 15".

so i opened it up to have a look at the speaker to see if i could find what was wrong. the speaker itself isn't blown - there's not a nasty crackly sound, just absolutely no sound at all. i didn't see any problems with the speaker connections either. my guess is that the short 1/4" cable that plugs into the speaker output has died on me. whether or not this is the case, what would be the best way to approach this problem?
Try a different speaker cable. Borrow a multimeter and see what the resistance is of the speaker voice coil.
if was i looking to buy a new speaker cable (the one that splits into the two contacts at the back of the speaker), what exactly should i be looking for?

thanks for the help
Make sure you get speaker cable, not just any random crappy wire. Otherwise it'll melt with the high voltage and burn down your house and your neighbours houses. And they won't be happy. Especially if they're in their houses and they die a painful fiery death.
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blown speakers often make no sound, if the voice coil wire has failed. you can check it by connecting a 9v battery directly to the connections on the speaker, itself. if the wire is intact, the speaker cone will flex outward, when connected to a 9v battery.
this only tests the voice coil, but it's a place to start. good luck, i hope it's a cable.
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