Hey guys....
im in the process of getting an old vintage peavey monitor and plan using it as an extra cab.....just kind of a monitor for guitar only because i have a hard time differenccing between me and the other guitarist in my band. The only problem is that that monitor runs on 8 ohms and my standard cab is a 16 ohmer. I can set my head to 4, 8 and 16 ohms........which one should i switch it to (if its possible).

Secondly, i was planing to put a talkbox built in into the monitor {switch the speaker to a Vintage 30 (which would solve my ohmage issue) and place the tube into where the horn is now (i would switch out the horn as well and mod the enclosure)} but my signal would still be the same through my regular cab and id have the talkbox at the same time. my second and third question are: Has this been done before....having two signals of the same sound but one talkbox and the other dry? If not will it sound half decent or fucvking out of control awsomness?

Thanks in advance, Brad
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