I just started attempting to learn the guitar about a month ago. At this point I'm just trying to get comfortable moving my fingers around the fretboard and strumming the right strings.
What I'm finding is that if I focus on just getting my fingers in the right place I have some success, but at the expense of possibly muting a string or not strumming perfectly. And likewise if I focus mostly on a precise strum and and no muted strings I lose my concentration. It seems to take an extra second to remember where my fingers should be going. I know they are both important aspects of the playing, but what do you guys think is more important to be focusing on right now?
work on the muting, thats a big issue, remember to keep ur fingers curled over nicely

but what exercise u can do
is on each string walk up it going 1-2-3-4- then on to the next string and so forth
get to the top and reverse the order
do this slowly to help finger get strong whilst ur hand in picknig the right string
once everything sounds nice increase the tempo gradually and keep repeating
Firstly I wouldn't worry about it too much if at all. You are just starting out, so taking a second to figure anything out is completely normal, even if you are concentrating on it.

The strumming is generally the less complicated of the two, so you will find with time and practice that this will become the part that happens automatically, leaving your concentration free to focus on the fretting hand. If you watch most guitarists play, they will spend zero time looking at their strumming hand, but will look at the fretting hand often.

If you want to concentrate specifically on one or the other, my advice would be to start with the strumming, as this is for the most part an easier hurdle, so you'll get more satisfaction and accomplishment at this early stage, but really it is up to you. The most important thing in my opinion is not to force anything. Just let it happen as it happens. As long as you're not pushing yourself too hard, pretty soon you'll find both your left and right hands falling into those common finger positions or strumming patterns with no thought whatsoever.

I wish you all the enjoyment and satisfaction in the world from your guitar playing. May you get as much enjoyment out of it as I and many others have.
Pretty much exactly what Morning Star said (+1). What you are experiencing is a perfectly normal part of learning a new instrument, and should be expected for every new guitarist.

As for your dilemma, I would like to add that concentrating on one thing above others will cause you to neglect everything else and might cause you to develop bad habits that are extremely hard to unravel later in your guitar learning journey. If you still want to concentrate on one thing, make sure to isolate it. Example- if you are having trouble getting your fingers into position for chords, you should just have your fingers in a relaxed position and then put them into the position of the chord, and strum. Then relax fingers, and repeat. Do not try chord changes until you can quickly and easily get to the chord position, then practice the chord changes within the song.

You should perhaps slow it down, practice with a metronome, and if you can afford it get lessons. If need be, try an easier song.