I have been playing my Peavey Triple XXX half stack for 2 days now, and it is AWESOME. More gain than i will ever need, and awesome crunch.

There is only one problem: The cab absolutely sucks!!!!!!!
It is a Peavey 5150 4x12. It is so harsh sounding and the bass response is pretty awful. Why does Peavey make such crappy speakers?

Good news is i am getting a Avatar cab and putting some warehouse V30 clones in there, that should solve that issue
And also, i had no idea how loud these things are. 120 tube watts, I think i could probably destroy humanity with it.
^ If you crank it all the way, you could definitely blow out a bunch of windows. I doubt you'd ever need to do that though, and in my experience, the XXX got a pretty good tone even at lower volumes.

The Avatar cab with V30s should sound great. I've played the XXX at my local Guitar Center through a Mesa/Boogie Recto 4x12 (which I believe uses V30s) and it was awesome.
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^ I just recently got the 212 combo and it is really an awesome amp, its perfect for rock-heavy metal, and the cleans are good enough for country and blues. Although its not the best classic rock sounding amp out there it can defenitly pull off these tones on the crunch channel with gain pulled way back. Its very veristile, and I'm experimenting with lower gain preamp tubes to help the crunch channel sound more Vintage, kinda like the peavey JSX, which is just a moded XXX. They are awesome and are near every bit as good a Dual Rectifier and are a lot cheaper, not quite as veristile as a Rectifier but almost, its defenitly in the same leauge of amps IMO.