So I've been playing guitar for several years now and I've always just played other peoples' songs. I've finally gained some interest in writing my own music. I'm self taught so I really don't have a whole lot of music theory knowledge. I know some basic stuff because I took a semester of recording in college and it came with a theory class but obviously I never finished. I'm writing a song in the key of a# minor and I would like to harmonize a lead in it. I'm trying to put it into guitar pro so that I can have it backed up in the event I forget how its played. How would I figure out the correct time signature and tempo for the song I am writing?
Lol I don't even know how to use a metronome. I've always just picked up the guitar and played a song that I heard.
m well all i can say is um i try to write stuff but it comes out sounding like ****,so i cant help you here,

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Firstly, look up some basic music theory info on the web. Learn how to use a metronome, learn time signitures, and learn the box shapes for all of the modes. Learning your modal shapes can help you to figure out what harmonization you would like to play (most likely the third or sixth).
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^Modes are probably beyond him. Modes are beyond most people actually.

First of, t/s, write in major keys. You can still use minor chords, but dont use minor keys as there are some technicallities to it that you'll learn later.

Write in 3/4 if your just starting to write. This is easy because the only stressed beat is the first one (clap: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and so on).

The tempo doesnt really matter. Slower tempo=slow easy style songs like ballads. Faster tempo= faster paced edgy songs.

'm writing a song in the key of a# minor and I would like to harmonize a lead in it
Use circle of fifths.

The way I remembered circle of fifths is by "Cows, Get, Drunk, At, East, Brighton, F#ootball, C#lub." How does this help you? Well this orders all the sharp major keys in how many sharps each key has. C major has none. G major has 1 and D major has 2 and so on.
But what are these sharps? Well if you add an F to the begining of this so it looks like this: "(F) Cows, Get, Drunk, At, East, Brighton, F#ootball, C#lub." You get the order in which sharps appear in each key signature. G's only sharp is F (so all the f's in this key are sharped). D's 2 sharps are F and C (so both F and C are sharped) and A's 3 sharps are F C and G.
Get the picture? I probably mis-explained it so look through UG's lessons sections for circle of fifths.
Haha I had a basic understanding of modes for a while kinda lost touch with it.