now, for the record i don't know much about death metal, but it seemed really repetitive to me.. just an honest opinion. i liked what was there though, i'd probably enjoy the finished product
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kudos to you, sir.

I'm not really in to Death Metal for this exact reason, I found it kind of boring. Though I liked where it hit about 00:40 and it got a little more lively than just chords. So that was kind of good keep working at it.
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i see how you guys can see it as repetitive, but really i just played the first main riff 3 times, maybe with vocals it wont sound quite so repetitive, but thank you for the input
That was ****ing brutal. I'd love to hear the finished product with vocals dude, really sick riffs. I didn't think it was repetitive at all, and it would be even less repetitive with vocals. Overall the riffs were solid dude, I hope you post the song when its finished because I would love to hear it.

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