Hey Pit, I thought I'd make up a game to see if any of you are as bored as me!

To play, just post random trivia about an artist/band/song that you know, and see who can answer. The person who answers also has to pose a new question.

I'll start it off easy:

- I developed my most influential technique from watching a Led Zeppelin show in 1972
- I used to play drums, and my brother played guitar, until he surpassed my drumming abilities and wouldn't let me on them play anymore
- I have signature gear by Peavey and Fender
- The singer for my band only got in because he had a P.A system. He tried audtioning for us earlier, but didn't make it.

Have Fun!
Van Halen?

If I'm right, I can't think of anything to post for a new person.
My Gear:
Yamaha FGX720SCA