Unmoored are a brutal yet creative Swedish DM band that kind of sound like a mashup of Dark Tranquility or Scar Symmetry (the band featuures the supremely talented Christian Älvestam along with Henrik Schonstrom) and earlier DM bands like Nocturnus or Brutality.

Check out their 2003 album 'Indefinite Soul-Extension,' out on code666 records! It rules!

Token myspace link: here

They've got some intersting keyboard/atmosphere, plus the songs have some intersting transitions. I'll be picking the newest album up.

EDIT: I really dig the Final State part III, good choon.
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I like your taste Pres, so I'll check them out after I finish listening to Tyr.
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The guitar sounds typical Sweden but the drums and vocals really set them apart. Good find.
I like the small amount I've heard so far, but I'm posting here to remind myself to listen in more depth tomorrow.

I'm liking the synths.
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These guys are awesome.
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