i need one of those songs that are just fun to play over and over again, the songs that never really get old, the song that everybody posts videos of themselves playing on youtube, for example master of puppets- metallica, gravemakers and gunslingers- coheed and cambria.

thats not why i need one of those songs though, im getting a little bit bored with my playing and i need a song/solo thats recognizable or common, and dosn't take much time to learn, or is "easy"

i really like metallica and iron maiden
and if you recommend a megadeth song i will stab you in the ear, they are CRAP
and i dont want any songs from metallica's 'Kill em' all' album, if you havn't figured it out by now, i hate dave mustaine, dont ask me why, im not here to argue.

a metallica song would be great though,
what is the easiest metallica solo, not from kill em all, that isn't i disappear or one, that dosn't necessarily need a wah peddal?
cause thats the fother muckin song for me!

or any iron maiden is good,
coheed would be nice
or any easily recognizable or "popular" song thats EASY!
If you really like these bands wouldn't you know their music better than us? Can't you tell what songs sound easier than the others?