Hi,im 17 and this guitar was a gift from my father back in 7th grade.He got it at a swap meet in Long Beach. Ive been playing it since, and I cant find the particular model. Any help?

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Could be an obscure one off... Or a custom build. I've never seen it before either.
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whatever it is, it looks nice.

close up picks of the head, neckplate, and pickguard please?
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alright here are some close up pics:

since u cant really see it the serial number is HK100005 and next to it it says Made in U.S.A
it plays great. nice fast neck,feels like my friends schecter hellraiser. i have a feeling thats not the original neck though. migh be a project someone had.
hey heres the site for those kind of guitars. maybe they have a catalogue of earlier models:


looks like they only make acoustics now. sry. But, as i read there history, they used to make a number of electrics.
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guild is owned by fender.....you might try to call thier customer svc's. good lookin fiddle!!!
yeah thats a good idea. ill just call em up and ask. i went to that website but couldnt find my serial number in their archives.