This song has gone through three stages and I think I am finally happy with it... I have got reviews for all three versions and each one is a different recording so I feel it is fair to give a new thread

You can listen to it on my profile which is good quality OR www.myspace.com/foundyesterday which is not so great...

Thanks guys! I'll get back to yours!

I would love some reviews and I always try to get back to everyone and I think I have only slipped up once or twice... but I won't let that happen

Hope for some feedback

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It was nice, I really liked most of it, although I didn't much care for the chorus (starts at 1:20ish?) though, the beginning was so upbeat and solid but the chorus is kinda dull. And theres a little skip around 1:49 that was kind of weird, not sure that that was intentional though.

Good song though the lyrics were great, my only suggestions would be: When the second voice comes in during the.. verse? "wahoo yaahheah" I wouldn't make it stereo one side like you did, I'd make it equal on both sides and just put it down in the mix or have it alternate sides. And for the chorus, there was a really great melody that i caught going on lowest in the mix, you can barely notice it unless my minds making things up, I'd try brining that up higher n seeing how it sounds. Either that or add a strong guitar beat. Theres a really present guitar beat going on from 1:35-1:38 with a 2-note interval that would be good to use throughout the chorus. Although it sounds like it's part of another guitar part you're playing, if you could just isolate that particular "beat" and use it every 2 beats like you were in the aforementioned timespan I think it'd sound better.
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Okay... I've spent this whole morning remixing the song and doing a lot of major edits.... The chorus stayed the same and I'm sorry you don't like it - but I don't think it's dull - as for that skip - I fixed that it was a timing issue I was going a bit fast with the song during the chorus but and I had to redo a lot of it so the next verse would fit correctly.

As for the yeahhah thing... I kept that the way it is... I don't like everything being equally panned - I'm def not for equal treatment in the panning department lol. I like the way it is only on one side. As for that 1:35 - 1:38 thing you heard I believe it was a progression that was actually done on the keyboard the synth that you can hear...

Thanks for the actual crit - I appreciate it.
okay john mayer circa 2001.. pretty good .. great voice and excellent production what are you using for mixing purposes?
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Thank you man... The production is very harsh in a way (I've been listening with a close ear and it sounds to much treble a not smooth) BUT I am still pleased with the way it came out.... as for the mixing, I mix in Logic and actually do not have a hardware connected mixer - it is all software and moving things with the mouse. I use a Rode NT1A condenser microphone plugged into a JoeMeek OneQ preamp / channel strip. My interface is a Motu 828mk3, a device that broke within 1 month.. I'm getting it back tomorrow thank god.