Hi all, what do you guys think of the Vox AC15?
Will it handle hard rock and classic rock with an OD?

Bands such as Cream/Hendrix/GnR/AC/DC/RHCP etc.

thanks all
GnR and ACDC might be a tiny but of a stretch, but with an OD should do it. it will be heaven for everything else. get a fuzz face and youll nail the cream/hendrix stuff.
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Go for the AC30 if you can save the extra cash, the AC15 has different voicing a bit thinner and brighter in comparison to the regular AC, more of a country amp if you will, its an okay amp, but a tad overpriced for its lack of features, and not the real AC30 sound, Id go with the Laney VC30 over it. More features, and would do exactly what youre looking for.
It would handle AC/DC no problem as they don't use as much gain as people would think but GnR would need an OD. Alhough I would go for the CC1, the CC1X with the Celestion Blue is supposed to be more like the classic AC15 sound but it is more expensive. If you have a spare grand kicking about though, go for the AC15 HTV which is a handwired top of the line AC15. There is a demo on YouTube from ProGuitarShopDemos which shows how amazing this amp is.
I've got an AC30CCH (Thats the head), running through either a 1x12 or a 2x12 (Celestion G12K-85 speakers) and its got great sound. Haven't tried an AC15 so I can't compare the two.

You can check Vox's web site. They have an artist page that shows who uses what Vox equipment.
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Alright thanks guys... i know i posted about the Vox but, how is this http://soft.com.sg/forum/guitar-amp-buy-sell/67665-wts-mesa-boogie-50-caliber-amphead.html?

It's not really what you're looking for, if you were going to spend that much i'd reccomend an AC30 CC2X (the one with the celestion blues). Or in fact maybe a Marshall JCM800 either of those would pretty much nail the tones you're after
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Ok, thanks for the advice. can 50/100 watt heads such as the JCM 800 2203 pair up to 1x12 or 2x12 cabs? Lack of space to fit a 4x12 =(
^ Yeah, as long as the speakers are rated high enough.

For a 50 watt head, I'd imagine you would be pretty well on with a 2x12 cab loaded with 25 watt Greenbacks, and if you get the 100 watt head (which is actually overkill) then maybe put GT-75s in the Cab.
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Ah ok, i was gonna get a Ceriatone JCM with half power switch, its 100 watts though .
Was gonna pair it with a 2x12 THD cab.
the ac15 is a great amp but it just doesnt sound its best alone. it needs a warm booster/overdrive/distortion pedal to thicken its sound. other than that its very transparent and dynamic.
Cool thanks. I'm now considering an AC30.. is it similar to the AC15? Can it get pretty good crunch? The heaviest i'll go is GNR probably, i'll be playing lots of queen, zepp, ac/dc, hendrix, SRV and GnR/VR.
Thanks all