just looking to see if anyone else is a sick puppies fan.I really love there new cd dressed up as life.I've seen them 2 times and there amazing live.
all the same is pretty awesome imo
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Quote by LP51122
all the same is pretty awesome imo

like him ive only heard them from that free hugs video.
but i think ill go look up some of their stuff now.
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yes I like that one too.I really like pitiful and the bottom. I really like all the songs off that cd. plus emma is so amazing on bass.
they are definatly whorth the time that cd is awsome. i'm working on finishing the bass tab to pitiful and i'm also starting to try and tab cancer.
They opened for linkin park one time at the house of blues in Myrtle Beach, they were pretty good.
I just ordered tickets to see seether and them at hampton beach nh. I can't wait I've never seen seether but this will be the 3rd time seeing the puppies.