The old one was so long, so time for a new one?

Whats your dream gear and why? pics if possible.


Dean razorback cemetary gates
Peavey 6505+ Head
Peavey 6505 slant cab

Yes my name is Tom Petty.

Ibanez RG350DX
Dean Razorback D
(crappy)RED Marshall Mg100hdfx Halfstack
Digitech Death Metal Pedal

Haven't found the time to make one of these.
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The Searchbar by UG

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i really never thought about it. i don't know much about amps, but i think having an orange stack would be pretty suitable, and maybe a good les paul for blues and classic rock, then the ibanez i've already got for anything else.
jcm800 with an od pedal coz i like british sound and dont know any other higain british amps.

the guitar im getting but with higher quality material?..

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