Basically I made this to get a video of my new Bugera on youtube. I already have a DWDTG cover that I played live at my schools musical with vocals, and us walking around acting the thing out kinda here if you wanna crit that one. But as far as what I just recorded, it is just a quick cover that I did in one take. My guitar is all the lead stuff... Its a little quiet in parts, but its audible. Let me know what you think of either the home one, or the live one for that matter! Ill of course check out your cover or original if you leave a link. Thanks.

can't see if you're actually playing it or not
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can't see if you're actually playing it or not

Eh, well if you dont think I am, whatever, doesnt bother me. It was about 2 am when I did this, and I didnt have many lights on. Sorry.
It was pretty good. I suggest turning your volume up next time so people don't doubt your playing. The chorus was a bit off, I thought.
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Yeah, Im pretty sure the chorus is off because the rhythm guitar that was recorded with the song played a wrong chord, I dont think it sounds terrible, so Ive just play that note along with it. Its not too noticeably bad, is it?