Nothing sounded out of place, and I loved the song. Nice.
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Critting as I'm listening...

I really like the intro, and the guitar was really nice. Although, I can't quite put aside the feeling that I've heard something like this before, but that's not a major problem though . The keys was also a really nice addition. One thing I could suggest you to do is to change the drum beat in the verse a bit, srsly, imo it'll sound and feel better.

The next part was a bit on the generic side, but it's quite good, and hey, when it works, it works! But comes the chorus, tbh this felt a bit generic, but I think vocals might fix that.

Build-up to the solo was really great, what with all the choir and stuff! I think you did great there. However, comes the solo, I was a bit disappointed. No, not by the solo itself, I like simple solos and all (though imo the phrasing could still be improved), but rather, by the drums. Idk, the beat there was a bit..... awkward, it just didn't fit.

Next part was overwhelming (in a good way), but I think if you added a lead part there it would sound 10 times better . Piano part was awesome, 'nuff said. Solo 2 felt more like a, idk, an interlude? Since it's just wankery lol. Not that it's bad, though.
Whole part after that was also good, though a bit too long, and again, put some lead!!!

The next part with bells sounded like a funeral song, real cool. That part's really great, was a much needed break, too, but again, LEAD!!! Ending was meh, but it fulfilled its purpose lol.

Overall, I'd have to say I love this! To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't expecting it to sound that good lol. By the part after the intro, I thought this was going to be some generic crud, but no, it turned out to be a real interesting listen! I honestly didn't expect it to progress into those parts, really kept me entertained. Everything flowed perfectly, and nothing seemed forced or out of place. Not really basic, tbh, but still not overly complex. I like it!

I was only bothered by the rhythm and beat on some parts, and the leads (or lack thereof), which made the melodies not so pronounced, even though you had lots of good ideas there. But all in all, was a really fun listen, and wasn't that predictable. I didn't like the first half of it that much, but everything after the solo was great.

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Critting as i hear

The intro is nice, bit flat till the keys enter but ok for the song.
The first solo made me think, uhm its not gonna sound good. it's ok i certainly would've done something more fast.But i understand the purpose of it, its trying to be calmer than the rest than, itll grow
I like the part right before the piano enters,its as a ending but not
The piano part could've been more variated, as its a piano i always imagined it brings more variety.
The second solo was more powerful and its great but could be abit longer.Try adding smt more between the solo and the single notes/bar.
I think another change should be when it all breaks down before the outro.Instead of that bass drum do some cymbals.
I think you did a great job with the keys, they make the song more powerful
This shall bring you a 9/10 good luck in future atempts
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https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=851872 this is a bit old and unpolished but this one is my best http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/szekelymihai/music/all/play304763
cheers for the comments lads i promise to crit both yours very soon, as detailed as you all did mine, just abit busy . I understand with the generics etc but that seems to be the way I do things, all the solos i do are same, never really experimented with much. Like this song here, solos basic and all the same
Sky Tonight.zip
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For the piano part, it goes somerthing like 17-15-13-12 on the first string. Mess it up occasionally and have it go 17-15-18-17, it'll sound good, I tried it myself =D

Other than that, possible have the 5-4-5-4 part after solo 1 go 5-4-1-0, that's what I changed it to on mine - again I personally believe it sounded better.

9.5/10, great song, just improve a few bits.
I really can't say much about it. I thought everything was perfect except...yes, the lead guitar. The solos could have been way better for a song of this type, and they just weren't what I was expecting to hear, and I wasn't surprised at what I didn't expect.

Still, leads weren't that necesary for a song of this type so a 9.5/10 for you.

Very good work, this a well structured piece.

crit when you got time

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