I've been playing around recently with the tremolo on my first guitar (Marshall's Strat copy, Rocket Deluxe) and i've realised it goes out of tune very easily after minimal 'usage' of the bar. Especially the G string.
Anyway I can rock with the tremolo and keep it in tune as possible?

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Try some nutsauce. Only thing I can recommend.
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getting the Guitar Setup, or new Tuners is really your only Options..
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Only if you get locking tuners or a locking nut (or something).
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They expensive to replace?

Gah, end of lesson, ill check the topic later, thanks for your help so far.
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You could try lubricating the trem posts as this will help the return to pitch of the trem. Iv been using chapstick lip balm for this personally after a recommendation from Ibanezrules.com, its a strange product to use but i can attest to the fact it works.
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I don't think it will be too expensive, although I've never done it so I don't know (having said that, I plan to, seeing as I have the same problem as you!)
Check out warmoth or stewmac for some new tuners or nut.

Just checked warmoth, and Schaller mini locking tuners are $50 or so. Other tuners are abot $25 ish.
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^yeah, better nut or tuners
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Thanks for your help guys, ill look into it,
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lube the nut .........and if you do not properly string your guitar it will never stay in tune. so if your not good at stringing for sure look in to locking tuners. the key is balance between the strings and springs. what you want is all the strings to fall out of tune the same way either flat or sharp. then either tighten or loosen the claw accordingly. hope it helps!