It sounds very much like any other LOW-END solid state amp, but it's way more expensive. I tried the halfstack a year ago and it sucked so hard. Not even a useable clean og slight drive.

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what is a solo?
I don't get why people ask these questions. Seems logical to me that if people complain about it a lot, it probably isn't very good.
I picked up a little 15watter at a garage sale last weekend for $25. I kinda like the cleans, but that's as far as it goes. My POD doesn't even help it much. I'd say it's worth $25, but no more then that.
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I picked up a 15G one time so I can use my pedals on it but it can't handle the pedals. If I plug my guitar straight to it it sounds pretty damn good and the distortion wasn't too bad either but that's it, all it's good for.

I took it back because I wanted a small SS amp to run my pedals so after some net cruising I found some tips about using bass amps for pedals. I picked up a fender rumble 25 bass amp and damn, it's sweet.