I don't hear anything that really needs improvement. It came out really well. It's a little hard to distinguish between the verse and chorus vocals, however if you change the pitch or tone of your voice it might have positive results... But I don't think it matters too much.

I like it.

And you have a nice voice.
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Good tune. I would suggest singing a little fuller. don't be afraid to sing out and use plenty of air. other than that, it's sounds really good! you should get a good mic to record with, you would be happy with the results.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=886860
Very nice song and voice.

The way I recorded my guitar and vocals was with the same mic, which is a MXL 67i condenser mic, which will run you around $150.. and I also used pro tools LE 7.3
Ah, another minimalist recorder. You have an excellent voice. Nothing exceptional guitar wise, but it does a nice job of providing a strong rhythm and harmony for your vocals, so it meshes well.

I'd be interested in hearing this when you get better recording equipment.


liked this song alot, has a very relaxed feel kind of letting the lyrics lead, I write alot like that too. like everyone else said It would be cool to hear this with better recording equipment, I could hear some cello or other stringed intruments coming in as well, just a suggestion. Im a minimalist recorder myself, just the acoustic and my voice. If you dont mind drop by my profile and listen some of my stuff, I would be grateful.
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