Its shorting, Im pretty sure its the selector, as the 6.5mm plug doesnt short back in playing around with that but the selector does.

Its just a cheap Samick Malibu, hoping to get $80 for it ha ha.

But I been wanting a new guitar for quite a while, now Im sure Im going to keep playing.

Just wanted to share my sorrow/joy..... (yes I could just replace selector, but how convenient and exscuse)
i personaly think you should keep it. replace the selector. its always nice to have a spare guitar laying around incase you need it. or you could have a project guitar that you can practice doing set ups and stuff on. thats why i still have my cheap pice of **** epi sg still.
if you are only going to get $80 for it, keep it and replace the faulty bits. save up some money and get a better guitar. then you will have more options etc.
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if you're deadset on getting rid of your sammick you can go to a pawn shop and put it's value up tword part of the price of one of their guitars.
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Hey, guitarfreak, what kind of epi sg do u have. I am planning to buy one(a g400 that is). And i just like hearing wat everyone has to say about them.
Just go to stewmac, spend $40 and replace all the pots, wires, and the jack. It'll be kicking butt again in no time.
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Just my eye site it seems to have a lot of bow in the neck, i dont suspect truss rod issue, just simply string tension etc. the saddle springs are pretty compressed.

so im getting poor fretting and pickup on high e string upper fretboard. as well as some string buzz at lower fretboard. admittedly that particular saddle is offset and quite low.

i might have a fiddle with it. perhaps keep it as a frankenmonster. they are quality guitars for such a cheap price. but i just havnt maintained her too good lol.