Hey guys and gals,

Im in the market for a new pedal - my current one, a Zoom 505II, has finally died from the plastic cracking and the AC power jack losing contact.

Hence, im looking for a new pedal!

I want something durable (metal chassis?) and of course, multi effect with a good degree of customisability - but i should add that i play casually with an amount of free time coming soon.

I have two pedals in mind that were suggested to me, the Boss ME-20 and the Boss ME-50.

From where i live (sydney), Allans music sells the ME-20 for $360 and the ME-50 for $499 - both of which they may take $20-50 off, but lets just consider them $140 apart.

Which should i get? Is the ME-50 worth the extra? It looks much more flexible...

Also, with this budget, are there any other pedals that i havent considered?

I play mostly blues, rock, pop-rock - but mainly blues ala SRV and John Mayer.

I have a Standard Strat (mexican) and a Roland Cube 60.

You can improve your blues tone especially if you sell the Cube and get a small valve amp.

That would do your blues tone absolutely great and if you want to go for a slightly higher gain kind of thing an overdrive pedal would push the amp into most kinds of music you could want.
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so i should be looking into a valve amp?

looking at Allans website i see three options in the budget:
1. Epiphone Valve Junior Amplifier - Class A 5W 8" Spkr Amplifier - AUD$249
2. Vox AD15VT Valvetronix 15W Combo Guitar Amplifier - AUD$349
3. Vox AD30VT Valvetronix 30W Combo Guitar Amplifier - AUD$439

How do the VOX go with their valve-amps?

Are the ME-20/50 pedals still out of the equation?
What is your maximum budget??

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$500 Aud

edit: i think im gonna go with the Valve Junior.
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