Me and 2 mates are going to London next wednesday for the radiohead gig in victoria park and we need somewhere cheap to stay that is pretty near to the park,

none of us know anything about London so any help would be appreciated, thanks
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Cheap and London are two words that never co exist.

Try googling "Cheap Hotels/Guest Houses/B&Bs in Victoria London"
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if its just for one night i'd recomend a hostel, my experiece of them has been 100% good, though shop around and make sure you aint gonna get bummed or catch aids off the bed linnon.
the last place we stayed in edinburgh was only 20 quid for the night, cant complain at that.
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Depends on what you think is cheap...
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Easy hotel though,£25 a night.
I've stayed at places in london for 10 pounds a night.
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should be pointed out that I have done my fair share of traveling, I know how to search for Hotels and stuff but wanted to know if anyone knew of any specific hotels near victoria park that is fairly cheap.

cheers anyway
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He also said cheap...

The cheapest HOTEL I've found was £25 a night...and I've spent at least 12 weeks or more in London every year since I was 5.
Plus living there from ages 0-2 and 9-11 or so.