Ok... I submitted a tab about two weeks ago, and it said something about that it would be uploaded, or whatever you wanna call it, in about 48 hours. But when I search for it, there are no results. on my contributions it just says the title and everything, then ST D. Maybe that stands for something like Status: Declined...? I don't know what I did that made my tab get declined in that case, but anyway, even if it's not approved, I would love to be able to atleast open it and look at it, how the h**l do I do that?
Thanks in advance.
Yes, that means it got declined. There's no way to edit it unless you have a copy saved on your computer.
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Next time, copy the template from UG and work on your tab in Notepad before you submit. Then, you can edit it and look at it whenever you like.
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God damn it! Is there really no way? ^^ I was so sure it would get approved, I would like to know why it got declined aswell, is there any way?