so i bought my first guitar in january (ibanez rg320fm) along with a line6 floor pod. it didnt have the greatest tone in the world (though my ****ty stranger amp has a lot to do with that), but it was ok. i had problems with one of the cables, cause one of the jacks was bad, but it was fine as long if you tweaked it a bit now and then. then one day my guitar woudn't play anymore! i tried a different port in my amp and that solved the problem for a while. then a few weeks later, the guitar stopped playing again!! i tried to play it for a few days but not a sound came from the amp. then one day it DID play, but no matter how much you turned up the gain, i couldnt hear any distortion!! some of the effects could be heard, but no distortion at all, only insane amounts of feedback. now, can someone please explain wtf is wrong with my guitar??! its not the amp (****ty as it is) cause it sounds the same if i plug earphones into the processor. what do i do?!?!
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probably the processor then. run your guitar up to the closest shop and plug into gear you know is good. its not a guitar problem at all.
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