Does anyone know/follow the band Eutopia? Have a peek at www.myspace.com/eutopia77 and check out some of their tunes, I'm personally very impressed with their version of 'Beat It' - really impressive and very close to the original!

I also picked up their single, 'Valentine' a few weeks ago which is great as well, much more mellow than 'Beat It' but a classic ballad in the making!

Let me know what you reckon to the band, I think they have real potential and could breathe some life into the current breed of bands catering for a classic rock audience.
it's interesting indeed, not my taste, but I'm sure some people will love this.
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I suppose that 'technically', drawing attention to a talented band that I'm not in could be classed as advertising, but as 'Phantomnote' clarifies, they are a good band and people on here should be interested in their music and the frontman's guitar ability!
Not my thing. But you should re-post this in whatever their genre is' forum, not in EG
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I posted it in here focusing on the guitar work of their 'Beat It' cover - the rest of their music is very guitar led as well so I reckon this is a good place for them as well as a classic rock/prog sub forum.