hi guys,
i've been practicing eartraining using EarMaster for about 2 weeks. the software looks pretty helpful. u practice every weekdays for about an hour but i havent really progressed much . i'm still stuck at identifying the major (2nd,3rd,4th and 5th notes) and when i start practicing for a while i cant figure out any notes correctly at all but after awhile i start doing a little better (probably since my mind starts remembering the notes i previously failed to identify)

at this point ive started feeling like i havent really made any progress and learning relative pitch is like learning perfect pich (i mean some people cant just cant identify the intervals) what do you guys think? is there any probability that im just wasting my time? or does am i just expecting the result way too soon.

thanks for your replies!
Quote by tanvir

(i mean some people cant just cant identify the intervals)

This is goddamned wrong!!!!!!!!! Everyone can learn it unless you are tone deaf and you arent tone deaf because its a serious medical condition and you would know it!!!

Learning relative pitch is hard and it takes a lot of practice, but keep it up and you will learn it. Progress comes in little bits. I was terrible at it for a long time too but after lots of practice I have gotten decent. Earmaster is a great program, you should buy it. Its like 80 dollars but its something that will use for years. peace
thanks a lot captain garry for lifting up my hopes i'll sure keep trying. i just took a tone deaf test online and fortunately im not tone deaf lOl