I'm fortunate to have a Guitar Center near me that sells a pretty good amount of Mesa gear, so I was there trying some stuff out yesterday.

I happened to come across a marked-down Single Rectifier Rectoverb combo (1x12, I believe). They wanted $1100 for it - granted, it's a floor model that seems to have been there a while, but it was in great shape. I'm aware that some people think that Rectifiers have flubby low-end tone. I was playing it, cranked, through a 4x12 Recto cab in the sound room at GC, so it sounded pretty sweet, but would the flubbiness really be noticeable at bedroom levels through the combo speaker?

I'm looking mostly to play metal/metalcore/shred/random experimentation with cleans. The rest of the gear is in my signature. I would consider selling my TT, but I would most likely just sell the VJ cab and keep the TT for British tones (hooked up to the Recto's internal speaker). This isn't something I'm planning to do right at the moment - I'm saving up throughout the summer and hoping they knock the price down a little bit more in August/September - but I'd just like to get some other opinions.
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I say go for it. and if you think it's a bit flubby just tighten it up with your tubescreamer.

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