I was wondering about how much it would cost to have a Bigsby vibrola added onto an epiphone es 335...would it be relatively easy to add on, and would it be worth it? I just got an ibanez art300, and was trying to decide what i will plan on getting next, either and epi es335 or some kind of strat, because i want something with some kind of whammy bar on it.
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bigsbys are great. i wouldnt recommend doing it urself cause it requires drilling if u wana do it right, but they are really cool. its a minor tremelo effect but it can add so much to ur sound.
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I've never seen a Bigsby that can stay in tune. You can use it for a very slight tremolo effect, but you're in trouble if you want Van Halen-style whammy sounds. Just get a guitar that's already fitted w/ a locking tremolo, & save yourself the headache. Just my 2 cents.
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personally i'd take a bigsby over a locking trem.
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I'd imagine that a Bigsby, in conjunction with a graphite nut and some locking tuners, should hold tune just fine.

Go for it. Bigsbys are hot.
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