I really really really want to polish my guitar till i can see my reflection in it but i've heard that some regular house polishes can ruin the finish! There isnt a guitar shop for miles, all thats close is a huge tescos and some car spare shops! Would a microfiber chamois and high end car polish do the trick and what could i use to get all the muck off my fret board??

Thanks for any help!
What fretboard? Maple just use warm water, rosewood lemon oil...

As for polishing the guitar i believe meguires polish fender gives out with guitars is car polish?

I use just a plain wood polish, spit works too :x
There's a difference between a guitar cleaner and a guitar polish. You should always clean before polishing so you don't polish the dirt or cover over it trapping it on the finish under a layer of wax. You don't really need to add wax polishes to your finish as these can become gummy later when playing warms up the wax (eg back of neck). You can buy some Naptha and use it with a clean cloth to degrease your finish. It won't hurt either poly or nitro finishes. It may leave a glazed look that you need to buff out though. For that you use a clean cotton or flannel cloth and either breathe onto the finish and polish or you can use warm water to dampen the cloth. Final polish is with clean dry cloth. Naptha will also clean tune-o-matic bridges of accumulated crap, just remove the bridge and immerse for awhile then use a toothbrush to clean the bridge. Dry and re-install.
For finger boards, if you've got rosewood or ebony, you can use 0000 steel wool to clean the mung out of the wood's grain (up and down the fingerboard) and condition with lemon oil applied sparingly. The fine steel wool can be used to go across the fret crown too to polish them. Treat maple fingerboards as you would a finish & never use steel wool on them. Most of this is covered in Dan Erlewine's Guitar Repair Guide.
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