any thoughts on it?

I play a Fender Strat and Jazzmaster and like a "dig-into-the-strings-and-the-clean-will-get-gritty" kinda tone

Think Babyshambles/Libertines tone. Jack Whites White Stripes tone too.

This amp is made in England I think (confirm this please?), but I asssume its not handwired at this price?

anyway fire what you got at me


EDIT: for this particular amp, is there a difference between the 2007 models (it was Laneys 60th anniversary or something...) and ones you can get now?

Or are all L20H's the same?

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i'm not sure if it's totally hand-wired, but it's a nice amp. worth a try at least. sometimes you can find deals on them too.
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