For me, it would have to be either Warped or Mayhem tour. Whats yours? Camping trip wit family? Going on vacation to Germany?? Lets hear it
Studying a course so I can get a studentloan so I can get a new camera.

I'll both learn and gain material possessions.
The Square Fest where my band are headliners and the 2nd of September, when I can legally go out drinking.
getting my talkbox in two days, then my summer is set
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
I'm working up for a br00tal touchscreen lappy this summer... HP Pavilion tx2110us
I don't charge much...

If you don't click this , you'll die :/
Learning No Boundaries from start to end.
Doowop dooby doo doowop doowah doolang
Blue days black nights doowah doolang!
Buying my Twin Reverb and Fender Classic Series 50's Strat, it's only a matter of time, and surfing!
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"I'm discontinuing production on the Timmy now as well. It might come back into production at some point down the road, but probably not because people will just clone it anyway cause they're stupid jerk face doo doo heads. -Paul C."
leeds, projekt revolution, bloodstock and russia wooooo!!!!

any tips for russia so i don't get frozen/raped?
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I only judge people based upon the color of their skin.

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id like to shave my balls, but i always cut myself and when i do my shaver is like om nom nom testicle skin.
Going to Reading fest and Bloodstock, hopefully. Going to my gf's flat in Edinburgh for a long time, hopefully catch some of the Fringe.
going to the beach in North Carolina with my family

going to the beach in Maryland with my friends

going to see Rush
Getting new guitar and amp (some kind of SG and probably a Valveking) , going to Alton Towers, and going on holiday to Spain.
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Finally getting my drivers license so i can actually go somewhere and have fun.

I would say getting a new amp, but i got that early. :p
Im going to the "Fvck Warped Tour, Ozzfest and Mayhem tour, they're for pussies, Tour 2008"

More commonly known as Metal Masters tour featuring Judas Preist, Heaven and Hell, Testament and Motorhead.

I already saw Iron Maiden last Saturday and plan on seeing

-The Police
- MIndless Self Indulgence
- Many $hitty underground bands.
Well its hot in Russia in the summer...so I wouldn't worry about Frozen...and as for raped...you can only hope ;0)
This is a lie...no reason why...right from the outset
Reading Festival.
I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

Confused? Good.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

^ Irony

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Jamming all summer and women in bikinis.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
Rockwerchter and sailing with my friends
~And the raindrops in the cars

Keep on falling from off the bars

Blocking out a good song

Playing on the radio~
Finally getting into a studio and recording some tracks.
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can't stand public showers
and yes i do have a small penis

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people in public showers make fun of my big dick

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i would if pee pee was bigger

I'm having a gig at the end of the Summer so i believe i'll spend most of it thinkin about it and practising!
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getting my talkbox in two days, then my summer is set

I'm getting my talkbox in July for my birthday. What kind are you getting?
He's a freak of nature, but we love him so.

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Music isn't the Olympics. It's not about showing other people what you can do with a piece of wood in your hands that has strings on, it's about making sounds that are good.
Leeds Festival

Primarily Rage Against The Machine
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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Pfff Gay people are Fags
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I'm working up for a br00tal touchscreen lappy this summer... HP Pavilion tx2110us

duudeee that looks just like my laptop.
is it a tablet?
Getting out of this goddamn Mental Institution!
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
Leeeeeeeeeds festival.

Drugs, drink and nice music. I can't think of a better four days.


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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.


Typical Pit answer but I really am looking forward to sexing my gf all day everyday. That and Summer Slaughter tour among many other concerts, smoking weed and chillin.

v Stop into Orlando and give a how do.
Going to panama city FL. tommorow.
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Put scotch tape on your penis and icy hot on your balls

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What the hell does that have to do with freeing whales from pirates?
Seeing what will happen.
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I went to the doctor, and they found something in my bladder. And whenever they find something, it's never anything good like, "We found something in your bladder AND IT'S SEASON TICKETS TO THE YANKEES!!

Do you folks like folk?
I am trying to fully learn Master of Puppets by metallica, and im taking a 2 week robotics course at a college for fun