So I've been trying to find a hollowbody electric with a built in piezo system so that I can switch between both electric and acoustic sounds, problem is I can't seem to really find much in my price range. So I was wondering: if I just get a standard hollowbody, how hard would be to just add a piezo system myself?
not hard depending on the kinda bridge it has and the amount of control over it you want.

For example a strat style bridge is just a straight swap of the saddles for peizo saddles, then you gotta add the pre amp in the control cavity etc.

If you dont dont really want that much control over it then you might be able to get away with switching the existing controls for a switch to allow you access to the peizo.

But controls can get quite extensive, blend pots, quick switches, mid boosts etc so you might find your self drilling holes in the guitar body for extra switches and stuff.

Also you might have to drill through the body to feed the wires to the peizo saddles.

So the amount of modification may get a lil much if the guitar your changing has a fancy finish that cant get ruined. You may be better off continuing your search...

Look up graph tech and search their website.

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Well piezo would replcing the bridge, as this is where the piezo pickup is! electrnucs wise its just a small circuit board, not sure whats it does tho!

Should be too difficult if it has a common bridge and a fairly big control cavity!
what about an under-saddle pickup? Are those easy to install/decent sounding?
under saddle systems are made for acoustic guitars, it is a strip that you place under the saddle of the acoustic, but with an electric having multiple saddles it wouldn't work too well. you could try making one yourself, theres a thread with info on how to do this (search for piezo smoke alarm and you'll find it)