I think it's good. The guitar is simple, but still works. Some nice changes throughout. The melody in the vocals is really nice, and I like it... The singer has a good voice but she can probably sing out with a little more force, if you understand what I mean... Good song.
well its very quiet, my poor laptops on almost full volume to hear it. It needs a vocal compressor the vocals get distinctively louder at times. The first time u change it up it desnt flow so well (at 1:20) bu the rest it great, im not a huge fan of that ending, i think it could use a lttle work. It sounds like you dont have a huge amount of recording gear, maybe just a mic, thats cool but id love to hear a really profesional version of tis cos frankly it's a classy song, the girls got a good voice, the guitar is nice, id just lke to hear a completed studio like version without the small mistakes and maybe some sot of backing instruments (bass, drums whatever)

seriously cool stuff

This reminded of something Avril Lavigne would do with an acoustic original or something of that sorts. The chords are simple but it's a catchy progression. The vocals could use a little bit of work but if you got a good mic setup, it would help you in the long run and improve your singing.

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