Just got done recording the vocals to the track. Its under "The Caretaker" on my profile. Tells what you think of it. All constructive criticism is welcome.
It's interesting. I like how you start, just guitar and violin (I'd take off a bit of that echo if it were my recording) When all the noises start playing together around :28 and later on in the song (can't tell if they're background vocals or just more violin) it sound really cluttered and needs work... I think your mix is just bad... Did you move around the panning for some of the instruments or am I just trippin out? If you did, it detracts a lot from the song... The noises panned (I can't remember the exact position) off to the right are sort of annoying and loud, I'd take down the levels on them a bit...

I like the song and the ideas you present within it. I think the guitar is well done and the vocals are decent (your voice can use some work), I just think your mix is needs a lot of work. I wouldn't consider this a "final product" but it's definitely a good place to work off of.

Hope that's not too harsh.
Thanks ontherun
I think what happened is when I exported the recording (unfortunately recording with audacity still) it made a couple parts panned because I hadnt had them in a stereo track. I have updated the song on my profile. I turned down the backing vocals. Took some echo off, and turned down some of the levels.