I have an Alamo "Galaxie" tube amplfier vintage 1963. Used between 1963-1967 then stored in an attic until 2005 when it was professionally refurbished. The amplifier and matching cabinet are in very very good condition acknowledging their age. The amp has a VERY clean sound. Four inputs between two channels, Clean and Vibrato. Vibrato channel has an excellent vintage sound, think "My Baby Shot Me Down" by Nancy Sinatra.

Now. What could I sell this for. Amazing condition, plays beautifully, and incredibly rare. Is trading this for a Traynor ycv80 a solid deal or am I going to get screwed?
you might want to look as much as you can online about the amp if you can find anything. check ebay and see if there are any beeing sold in the same or near the same condition and base your price around there.
You'd be getting screwed over obviously.
We need photo's too!
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Can i ask WHY you'd want to sell such an immense amp if its as good as you make out?
But it certainly does look like a beauty, personally I'd keep it - although i'm partial to rare and vintage amps
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