hey ppl, i got this crate g600xl like a week ago (Its used) and the guy who gave it to me said it had a problem but i took it anyway because it came free with the cab he sold me. yesterday i discovered the problem, while playing, the signal faded for like a second and cuts for like a millisecond sometimes. it also makes a buzz in the head with the low notes at high volumes,other than that it works fine, anyone know wats up with it? is it fixable or should i just look for a new one? thnx .
ok, well i deceided to test the amp in the clean channel. i played it for around a half hour wit no problems but then i tried the distortion one and got the same problems. should i just keep using the clean one?
Its a free amp just use pedals on the clean side until it quits. You could always use the chassis and cab to build something else down the road.