A long time ago, I got VERY fed up with the licence Floyd in my epi G-400 Xtreme, so decided to tear the tremolo out & then apart... THis was a long time ago. I have since spent a few hours trying in vain to try and rectify the matter in a way that would be more handy for me, but have decided 'Oh, sod this...' And then I just realised that rather than farting about with installing a Strat trem or the like, I could just screw a Kahler on the top & sort the problem out that way, bit I just want to know how simple/hard would this be, and how simple/difficult are Kahlers to keep working okay, as I presume they're another locking trem in the same style as the Floyd? Also realised if I wanted to swap the stock pickups for actives, I've got a neat battery cavity as well this way
(P.S. as soon as I get it, I'll be getting the thing professionally set up anyways - I un-bolted the neck once in a fit of boredom (And to try and find a better place for the strap button)
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