G-400 - Prob best fit out of all, but i want a trem

Mexi Strat - I like these too, but rather play metal

Prophecy SG EX - Haven't got to play yet

Prophecy Futura FX - ""

Tony Iommi Sig- ""

Scheckler PR-1 Custom - fancy art on fretboard is too intricate for me to really play

Can you recommend some similar guitars of price range (bout 500-1000) and quality? I will add them to my shopping list to try out when i go to the music store. I also played an ibanez and jackson, both with EMG's i really liked, but don't know the model number. Also, the strings on LP's are too close together for me (fat fingers - i know i would adjust after about a week, but still) are SG strings as close together?

Recommended from this thread:

PRS SE Custom
G-310 - Dont these have bolt on necks? Ughhh...
Fat Strat
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paul reed se custom, can get a lot of different sounds, pretty good for metal i think, i dont have the tremola so i cant say how that holds up otherwise sweet guitar
ibanez rocks
Never played any of them but a G-400, which is excellent as an instrument. But I prefer a) the lower price and b) the preferred sound of the G-310, I'd take a look at one of those too.

Also, Jacksons are pretty good from what I've heard/played. the £230 Kelly is greatness.
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I would get the Prophesy SG EX

Can't find ANYWHERE!!!!!!
Where can i get one?
GC has no.
h/s/s strat you can play metal........check out the neck dive on the g400 b4 ya buy it. nice guitar but.
Yeah, i've seen them online, but i want to play one before i buy. I play metallica, AC-DC, Pantera, Sabbath, other heavy stuff. Which is why i prefer the first one, w/ EMG's. But to be fair i have never played ''dirty fingers'' pickups before. What do they sound like?
They are Gibson's hot pickups, they'd be better for lower gain stuff but as you said you are into metal so you might want to go with the EMG version. Dirty Fingers would be better at AC/DC and Black Sabbath but not so much Metallica and Pantera. You would struggle to do AC/DC with Emg's though.
Alright, first things first. You say you want a trem.
This is important, because im afraid then you need to get a good one.
Poor quality trem will lead to MUCH frustration, and tuning instability. If you want to get a good trem, i would recommend the Ibanez S series. Their ZR tremolo systems are phenomenal, and work on a ball bearing pivot system so that the tremolo action is smooth, durable, and STABLE.

Also, which kinds of music do you play?
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Also, which kinds of music do you play?

I answered that in my last post.