Ok I have been learning all the major chords...but sometimes when my fingers are extremely stretched, I hit 2 strings with 1 finger....even if its just touching slightly to make the note on that string sound off...

any tips for pressing down the strings and not hitting 2 strings? especially on the first few frets. I think Major C was giving me problems...
Put your thumb on the middle of the neck so your fingers can stretch better, and then arc your fingers so that you fret with the tips. Other than that, just practice, practice, practice.
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Even better, put your thumb near the bottom half of the neck curve. It gives your fingers more clearance from the fretboard and you can arc them alot easier.
I have this same problem with C Major and everyone I have spoken to has assured me that it will come with time and practice. Several people have suggested stretching exercises (such as playing scales) to try and limber up my fingers.