I was trying to get some info on it but it looks like noone owns it. It is a farely new pedal though...Anyone know anything about it?
Erock owns it. He uses it as a boost on a lot of his amp clips. I want to try it cause it looks like a great pedal.

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Yup, ask Erock, he seems to really like it for a lot of applications.
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Placed an order on this pedal. Gonna give it a test run and see how good it is. From what I can tell, it's pretty sweet.
personal opinion, but I think it's a great pedal man. I use that and a Keeley modded OD808, and they both work great. Just what mood I'm in when I pick one to use. The Krank is a little more aggressive, but based on the same vibe as the OD808. They work great as boost pedals IME.
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